What to Expect from Bowenwork

About the Technique

The Bowen technique involves gentle rolling moves using thumbs and fingers made over key targeted areas of the body (muscles, fascia, tendons, and nerve bundles). The technique works thru the autonomic nervous system (ANS) by shifting the body out of the sympathetic (fight or flight) mode and into the parasympathetic (rest, relaxation, and repair) mode. This resets the tension patterns throughout the entire body.

Before a Session

Please be sure to drink plenty of water. Do your workouts, yard work, etc. before coming in; your body will need a chance to take the rest of the day off after the session. Due to the subtlety of Bowenwork, other modalities may interfere with the signals being sent in a session. I ask that for at least four days before a session, please refrain from any other bodywork or manipulative therapy.

Your Appointment

teri-with-client-01In the first session (which is scheduled for 90 minutes, versus standard sessions that run from 45–60 minutes), the practitioner will sit with you and go over the Intake Form you will be asked to fill out regarding your medical history. After going over the form, the practitioner will assess your posture and specific movements to determine which procedures will provide the greatest benefit to you in that first session.

The moves in a Bowenwork session are done through clothing, so please dress in a light, comfortable outfit for your appointment. The session will be performed with the client lying on a bodywork table. The most important factor in any session is that, the client is comfortable, so whatever your limitations, we will try to accommodate you. For example, Bowenwork can be performed with the client standing, or seated in a chair.

The session involves several “sets” of moves. After each set, the practitioner will leave the room for a few minutes to allow the body to process the signals that have been sent to the nervous system. The nervous system will begin to adjust the tension level in the muscles.

After a Session – First 24 Hours

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Sitting for less than 30 minutes at a time helps the body to form a healthier, more balanced pattern. We don’t want the body to return to its dysfunctional patterns; if you are reading or watching television, get up and walk around for a few minutes
  • Gentle exercise is OK, but avoid anything strenuous

After a Session – The Remainder of the Week

WAIT! Give your body a chance to process the signals it’s been given and make the changes needed. Bowenwork is subtle, but the body will continue to respond for the next 5–7 days. Due to this subtlety, please refrain from using hot/cold packs, other bodywork, or manipulative therapy.

You may notice some changes right away, including reduced pain, greater range of motion, and a deep sense of relaxation. Over the next several days, you may notice changes that are signs that your body is still processing the messages given during the session, including increased energy, sleeping more soundly. Sometimes there may even be a little soreness in the muscles for a day or two. All of this is normal.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call me.

When to come back

It is recommended that at least two or three sessions be scheduled, 7–10 days apart. This helps to reset the tension patterns and remind the body how to heal itself. For conditions that are chronic or more complex, more sessions may be needed. Once your body has reached its optimum healing level, then you may schedule Bowenwork sessions for maintenance or in the case of re-injury.