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The Bowen Technique is recognized as a natural healthcare solution for many health-related issues. It’s a new concept in natural healthcare that gets results. Bowen addresses core issues, not just symptoms. Bowenwork is known for its profound, long-term effects. It can help with chronic conditions from asthma to bunions, as well as acute injuries like sciatica and knee problems.

In essence, the practitioner helps your body to heal itself utilizing the original Bowen technique, and it’s safe and gentle enough for infants as well as those with compromised health.

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Enjoy a Healing Touch

Relieve stress and gently assist your body in recovering from injury and illness with a Bowenwork session from CCMP-registered Bowenwork Practitioner Teri Rutherford.

Teri’s studio is located at:

720 Sunrise Avenue, Suite B108
Roseville, CA. 95661

Please call or email to schedule your appointment. See our Office Hours.

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About Teri

My name is Teri Rutherford. My husband and I moved to the Sacramento area from Colorado in 1989 with our two cats, Puff and Jan. I’ve been working as a Registered Veterinary Technician for over 17 years, which resulted in multiple back problems, including a bulging disc in the lumbar region. The bulging disc would create episodes of back muscle spasms and sciatic pain. A friend suggested that I try going to a Bowenwork practitioner, and I was amazed at the results from the very first session. I have not had any more “episodes” since getting Bowenwork done on a regular basis.

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