About Teri

My name is Teri Rutherford. My husband and I moved to the Sacramento area from Colorado in 1989 with our two cats, Puff and Jan. I’ve been working as a Registered Veterinary Technician for over 17 years, which resulted in multiple back problems, including a bulging disc in the lumbar region. The bulging disc would create episodes of back muscle spasms and sciatic pain. A friend suggested that I try going to a Bowenwork practitioner, and I was amazed at the results from the very first session. I have not had any more “episodes” since getting Bowenwork done on a regular basis.


The driving force behind my decision to learn the technique and become a Bowenwork practitioner myself was the deep love I have for my two sisters, who live in Colorado. One of them has been diagnosed with Sj√∂gren’s syndrome, and the other has fibromyalgia. While I cannot cure them, I wanted to be able to give my sisters relief from the pain, stress and fatigue they both feel on a daily basis. When my older sister came out to visit last year, I was able to do a Bowen session with her the day before she left to drive down to Los Angeles. She later informed me how great it was that she could get in and out of the car without feeling pain; she hadn’t experienced that freedom in years.

Now, I want to bring that same care to others who are frustrated by health problems. I am dedicated to helping you achieve your best level of health. I am committed to meeting your needs, and you will have my undivided attention during your appointments. I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust by delivering first-class service and attention.

I’m located at:
720 Sunrise Ave, Suite B108
Roseville, CA 95661

Please call 916.849.3820 or email me to make an appointment. I look forward to helping you experience the benefits of Bowenwork!