“I have known Teri for over 5 years and became interested in Bowen therapy after discussing my lower back discomfort with her. I have slouched and struggled with back pain for most of my adult life. Teri’s gentle touch has greatly improved my posture, back pain, and stress level. She is knowledgeable, personable and extremely passionate about helping others with Bowen Therapy.

I am comfortable with Teri as she is wonderful about explaining what she is doing and why. Since becoming a client of Teri’s, I have been well-educated in the endless ways in which Bowen can heal and rejuvenate the body. I will always be grateful I gave Bowen a chance and hope others will too.”

—Susanne T., Newcastle, CA

“I’ve had shoulder pain for over 6 years. I had rotator cuff surgery on it 6 years ago, and it never really got completely better. I have tried lots of modalities on it, but nothing worked. That is until I had Bowen therapy. I had just 3 sessions, now it is about 90% better. Wow what a relief. Teri has healing hands, plus her gentle spirit really make the sessions nice. I highly recommend her!”

—Roxanne F., Dixon, CA